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Project Description
Project Description
Based on the Club Starter Kit 2.0 already here on Codeplex ( - the cricket starter kit builds on the foundation, but replaces the statistics engine with one designed for cricket.
All using LINQ to SQL and in .net 3.5. There is a new database schema in the Club database.

I started this project as I am myself a cricket player and gave me a excellent oppurtunity to try out LINQ to SQL and!!! I am totally a C# guy!!

I am getting to the end of the developmet for the actual engine and the pages needed to administer it and will soon start work on using Silverlight to build charts and graphs to represent the data in a groovy way!!

I am putting on codeplex to share my work, hopefully get some input on bugs and perhaps some further development on feature I have totally missed!

I am also wanting to write an install script of some kind so the "Cricket Add-In" can be installed over ClubSite 2.0, not wanting to miss any updates and bug fixes that may come out of that project.

Check out this post here ( for more details on the project and some screen shots to give you an initial idea.

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